Symetrix 528E Mike Processors.   These are good sounding units but switch failure is  common.  Depending on which switch, the unit can stop functioning entirely.  Often cleaning them with a good contact cleaner is enough to restore things, other times you […]


Directional antennas need some form of monitoring and this unit was a best-seller for years.  It was a huge improvement over the RCA and Andrew units that preceded it.  Stable and reliable.    This one had a few odd problems. […]


        These are easily my favorite Exciters to rebuild, the Broadcast Electronics FX Series.      30(left) and 50(right)  Not much difference between them other than power output and cosmetic changes.      The FMO module on […]


  Somewhere under that dirt is a Harris THE-1.   Late 80/s early 90’s these were the replacement for  the MS/MX series.  Not much different other than the addition of a 50W power amp.    Problems: Random AFC unlocks,  failed multimeter, […]


Got a call that the station’s mod monitor was displaying all wrong. Large amounts of carrier shift, excessive negative peaks, none of which were evident with a scope connected to the transmitter sample port.  Bad monitor!  No.  Bad RF amp!  […]