• Component level electronics repair
  • Capacitor replacement
  • Custom PC construction
  • Remote  troubleshooting
  • Remote IT assistance
  • Limited stock of  AM antenna components: Mica capacitors, coils.
  • Failed fans? broken meters? no manufacturer stock?  We can often find replacement parts and keep that older equipment running.  

Does your equipment need capacitor replacement?  If it’s older than 7 might!

  • Aging capacitors can cause many odd symptoms.  Audio quality suffers.  Controls begin to malfunction. Leaks can damage PC boards. 
  • Capacitor life is directly affected by heat and age.   
  • Every 10° increase in temperature cuts capacitor life in half. How warm is your transmitter bldg? 
  • We do capacitor replacement at a reasonable rate, freeing up your staff for other things.
  • We use quality capacitors from proven manufacturers, often with better temperature and life ratings than factory.   
  • We will return your old parts if you like so you can see exactly what was replaced. 


  • Bench repairs and construction   
    • $125/hr
  • Remote troubleshooting/tech support (minimum 1/2 hour )
    • $125/hr
  • On site service,  after hours tech support:        
    • $195/hour (Discounted with a service retainer) 
  • Parts and Shipping 
    •  At cost (no markup)
  • Travel  0.67/mile Plus $65/hour

Terms and Conditions 

We warranty failures that occur to any component or assembly we repair or refurbish  for a period of 15 days from date shipped out. Only failures that occur during regular, normal use under normal conditions as defined by the equipment manufacturer are warrantied.  Misuse,  damage due to water, fire, lightning, power surges, brownouts, acts of God, advanced age, environmental conditions outside manufacturer’s specs or improper installation voids any warranty.  Parts may carry a longer manufacturer’s warranty.   Foreign-sourced, used or substitute parts and any assemblies serviced using them carry no warranty other than that of the part supplier, if any. 

We do not warranty any services provided by remote support, phone, electronic communications or screen sharing.

Custom equipment and PC’s carry the manufacturer’s warranty and/or that provided by parts suppliers, if any. 

All  invoices must be paid before equipment will be returned unless previous arrangements are in place.

Payments may be made by cash, check, paypal or credit card unless you have previously established credit arrangements. 

Shipping charges to and from Northwoods Tech are the responsibility of the customer.

No liability will be assumed for improperly packed items or shipping damage. Improper packing voids all warranties.

Shipping insurance is strongly suggested. It’s amazing what the carriers can crush. 

Unless prior arrangements have been made, Items remaining unpaid after 90 days from the date of invoice may be sold by Northwoods Tech to recover it’s costs. No payment or refund  of any proceeds will be made to the customer.

Northwoods Tech, it’s ownership and/or staff will not assume any form of liability, including but not limited to injury or damage to persons, property, equipment, business, revenue, ratings, “goodwill” or customer relations from the use, shipping, possession or any other situation involving  equipment serviced or repaired by us or any services provided by us. 

Contractor- Service agreement: 

Independent Contractor Agreement

Northwoods Tech is a Wisconsin registered business and trademark.