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 OMB is a Spanish transmitter manufacturer with a small USA footprint.  Every once in a while I come across a piece of their equipment.  Today is one of those days. \ …this looks an awful lot like an RVR TEX-100.  […]


      Here we go again, Symetrix 528E mike Processors.  Some noisy, some non-functional. Let’s pick one and see what we can find.                                  […]


  Bext LEX25.   These are simple, workhorse exciters. 0-25 watts, VSWR foldback, basic remote control and metering capabilities.  They are fairly good sounding units for their age and design price. This one is 2001 vintage and has no AFC lock. […]


  Behringer. No sane person repairs these.   At about $200 brand new and $40-50 used, why would you?  Oh why not. Let’s open it up.                                […]


I still occasionally get a FX30 exciter with the original snip-to-set frequency selection DIP header (pictured at top). $4  worth of DIP switches and frequency changes become much easier. This one needed it’s capacitors replaced, a new fan, a few […]


August 2006.   Most of these Deathstar drives failed young.  This one…did not.  Still running when it tripped the temp alarm, finally getting ready to fail at 13 years service.  Not bad.  Who runs PC’s for 13 years?  You’d be surprised…. […]


Directional AM’s.   I love directional AM’s.  Doesn’t everybody? What’s more fun than getting a call at power change, informing you that the AM directional Antenna is out of limits and transmitter has also shut down?  Nothing. Nothing at all is […]


  Oh boy. This is an early Armstrong Solid state FM Transmitter.  Closing in on 20 years service.  These units were built by RVR in Italy and badged, (and fortunately still supported) by Armstrong.    A 100W exciter feeds 5- […]