This is the  solid state driver amplifier out of a Broadcast Electronics FM transmitter.  It’s job is to take 10 watts from the exciter and bring it up to 150 watts to drive the final tube.       This […]


  The Harris “Gates” series AM transmitters were produced approximately 1990-2000 and most are still providing good service.  This is a later unit and it’s tripped a fault alarm at the studio after overnight storms.  Let’s take a look!    […]


  Oh boy. This is an early Armstrong Solid state FM Transmitter.  Closing in on 20 years service.  These units were built by RVR in Italy and badged, (and fortunately still supported) by Armstrong.    A 100W exciter feeds 5- […]


 Transmitters!  These days you can put 10kW of FM on the bench to repair.  Fun times.    Nicom NT250.  In this case the NT stood for “not transmitting”.     Nicom packs almost everything but the PA on a single board.  […]