People love these FXi exciters.  I don’t.  They sound great, but that display…ugh.  The entire unit is DOA when it fails, and fail they do. And they are no longer available.  


Fortunately that’s not the problem with this one.  This one has a bad power supply.  Really bad. 


The power supply is attached to the right side of the chassis.  Roughly a dozen screws to remove it. 


 Just one of many blown semiconductors.  Every single one of them turned out bad. 



All  FET’s, Diodes and Transistors have been checked and replaced as necessary.  The control and +12V supplies come up now as does the main bulk supply…but we have more problems.   We discovered traces layered into the PC board are open.  The surge that hit this meant business. 

The only remaining option with any sense of reliability is a new PC board from BE.  They have them, but at just under 2K for a refurbished board and twice that for new  the repair is not worth it.  The exciter can be replaced for that money. 

 It’ll get boxed back up and returned. No charge to the client for the parts used or time spent.  It’s just wrong to charge someone when they aren’t any better off than when you started.  On to the next thing….