Radio Systems

        It’s hard to not like these Radio Systems consoles. They’ve held up very well over the years and continue to sound good.       They are subject to aging though.  One of the first places they […]


    Marti STL 15-C. These were the microwave equivalent of a swiss army knife in the 1990s.  Frequency agile and affordable.   There are still quite a few putting in a day’s work. This one isn’t. Let’s find out why.  […]


  Behringer. No sane person repairs these.   At about $200 brand new and $40-50 used, why would you?  Oh why not. Let’s open it up.                                […]


What’s more fun than getting a call at sunset, informing you that the AM directional Antenna is out of limits and transmitter has also shut down? Nothing. Nothing at all.  Let’s go see what fun awaits!        At […]


Radix These are about the simplest, no-nonsense distribution amplifers on the market.  Made  exclusively for BSW I believe.  A simple +/- 15V supply with two-three tab regulators and 34- NE5534’s.  Yes, 34 of them.  This one needed a -15V regulator. […]


Marti Electronics At one time you couldn’t step foot in a radio station without finding something “Marti”.  In this instance it’s a STL-10  95oMhz Studio-Transmitter link transmitter.  These units are getting up there in age,  with the beige colored units […]


Directional antennas need some form of monitoring and this unit was a best-seller for years.  It was a huge improvement over the RCA and Andrew units that preceded it.  Stable and reliable.    This one had a few odd problems. […]


Got a call that the station’s mod monitor was displaying all wrong. Large amounts of carrier shift, excessive negative peaks, none of which were evident with a scope connected to the transmitter sample port.  Bad monitor!  No.  Bad RF amp!  […]