What’s more fun than getting a call at sunset, informing you that the AM directional Antenna is out of limits and transmitter has also shut down? Nothing. Nothing at all.  Let’s go see what fun awaits! 




At this site the Remote Control took a lightning hit and began pulsing the system contactors every few seconds.  This continued until all 8 contactor coils overheated and began to burn.   That is a unique smell.  Often troubleshooting  is as simple as finding the part(s) that are hot and smoking.  This is one of those times. 


There. That’s better. Kintronics still has parts for their new-style contactors, Phasetek had  NOS parts for the old EF Johnsons. 


Same storm caused the phase adjust coil in the phasor cabinet to fail.  These are old Collins Radio coils, installed in the late 1960’s. Parts are available, but not on hand.  A few coil clips, a bit of strap and a lot of  fussing got the phase reading back in limits and the array back in proper operation until parts arrive.