Most of these Deathstar drives failed young.  This one, installed in Aug 2006, did not.  Still running when it tripped the temp alarm at 13 years service.  Not bad.  And that motherboard has the Bad Capacitor plague!




There was a several-year period where many motherboard manufacturers got stung by bad capacitors.  These bulging capacitors are a common visual indicator.  Most have long ago failed.

  It’s a story of Chinese industrial espionage gone wrong. They, to use plain English,  stole the formula for electrolytic capacitors from Japanese manufacturers but missed a few important ingredients.  Then proceeded to crank out hundreds of thousands of defective capacitors that found their way into all sorts of consumer and industrial goods.    Motherboards can be recapped, but it’s often cost-effective to just upgrade them by replacement.   This one, along with the Dexstar drive are now living out a comfortable retirement in the E-waste container.