People love these FXi exciters.  I don’t.  They sound great, but that display…ugh.  The entire unit is DOA when it fails, and fail they do. And they are no longer available.     Fortunately that’s not the problem with this one.  This […]


  These are still among the best FM exciters ever made, the Broadcast Electronics FX Series.  This one just needs a little clean up, new capacitors, a new fan and an unused accessory card removed.      This one has […]


  Armstrong 100 watt FM Exciter.  Approximately 20 years in service.  Built by RVR in Italy, these units are re-badged by Armstrong, Bext and probably others.  They’re generally very good, until the day they aren’t.    Today is that day.  […]


 OMB is a Spanish transmitter manufacturer with a small USA footprint.  Every once in a while I come across a piece of their equipment.  Today is one of those days.   ..Except   this looks an awful lot like an RVR TEX-100… […]


  Bext LEX25.   These are simple, workhorse exciters. 0-25 watts, VSWR foldback, basic remote control and metering capabilities.  They are fairly good sounding units for their age and design price. This one is 2001 vintage and has no AFC lock. […]


I still occasionally get a FX30 exciter with the original snip-to-set frequency selection DIP header (pictured at top). $4  worth of DIP switches and frequency changes become much easier. This one needed a few minor repairs. Let’s dig in!       […]


BE FX50   If there were awards for best overall analog FM exciter, this one will win a ribbon. Broadcast Electronics FX-50.  They still sound great even by today’s standards.        We’ll start by stripping this one down […]

Another FX30

  This one had all sorts of bad behaviors, including a rumble on-air.    First stop is a new Fan. These Papst fans are pretty well built, but eventually the bearings wear.    Main filter cap is also long past […]


        These are easily my favorite Exciters to rebuild, the Broadcast Electronics FX Series.      30(left) and 50(right)  Not much difference between them other than power output and cosmetic changes.      The FMO module on […]


  Somewhere under that dirt is a Harris THE-1.   Late 80/s early 90’s these were the replacement for  the MS/MX series.  Not much different other than the addition of a 50W power amp.    Problems: Random AFC unlocks,  failed multimeter, […]