OMB is a Spanish transmitter manufacturer with a small USA footprint.  Every once in a while I come across a piece of their equipment.  Today is one of those days.   ..Except 

 this looks an awful lot like an RVR TEX-100…

Because it is.  That makes OMB, Bext, Armstrong all re-selling RVR stuff.  It really isn’t bad stuff. 


The construction is a dead RVR giveaway with the large toroidal transformer, the ribbon cables and blue trimpots.   

This one needs a complete set of capacitors, plus we’ll track down and fix unstable RF output.   Like most RVR transmission equipment it’s shielded very well.  Everything in it’s own box. 

The screws on all this RVR stuff seem to strip easily and most were here.  I just replace them all.  Metric M3, 0.5 pitch. 


It shouldn’t matter but it might.  One of the screws that holds the final to the heatsink was loose.   Tighten that, re-soldered the components around it and replaced every electrolytic capacitor in the unit.   



A single SD1480 used to make 100 watts output.  The device is capable of 125+ and is still available new, about $90.00 

Put the unit back together, 100 watts into the dummy load and stable.  Sounds pretty good too!  Back to the customer it goes.