If there were awards for best overall analog FM exciter, this one will win a ribbon. Broadcast Electronics FX-50.  They still sound great even by today’s standards.   



We’ll start by stripping this one down to the chassis and cleaning each part.  Years of mouse stuff needs to be removed. 


The metering on this one did not latch in.  Found a bad IC, fortunately nothing obsolete. Yet. 


Cleaned and ready for new capacitors. 


This one had a non -potted FMO. That makes cleaning and recapping fairly simple. 


That is dirt mixed with bearing dust.  The fan was locked up. 


And replaced. 


Refurbished voltage regulator board. 


This one still had the shipping screws and tag in the FMO.  The foam underneath had rotted.  Closed-cell foam sheets make an acceptable replacement. 


Back together, metering working again and making power into a dummy load for 24 hours..then back to the customer.