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August 2006.   Most of these Deathstar drives failed young.  This one…did not.  Still running when it tripped the temp alarm, finally getting ready to fail at 13 years service.  Not bad.  Who runs PC’s for 13 years?  You’d be surprised…. […]


Directional AM’s.   I love directional AM’s.  Doesn’t everybody? What’s more fun than getting a call at power change, informing you that the AM directional Antenna is out of limits and transmitter has also shut down?  Nothing. Nothing at all is […]


  Oh boy. This is an early Armstrong Solid state FM Transmitter.  Closing in on 20 years service.  These units were built by RVR in Italy and badged, (and fortunately still supported) by Armstrong.    A 100W exciter feeds 5- […]


Orban Optimod 2200.  These are still nice sounding units and work just fine in many markets.  They don’t breathe fire, but it’s tough to make one sound truly bad.  When they do it’s often op amp.  failure.  This one had […]


BE FX50   If there were awards for best overall analog FM exciter, this one will win a ribbon. Broadcast Electronics FX-50.  They still sound great even by today’s standards.        We’ll start by stripping this one down […]

Another FX30

  This one had all sorts of bad behaviors, including a rumble on-air.    First stop is a new Fan. These Papst fans are pretty well built, but eventually the bearings wear.    Main filter cap is also long past […]


Radix These are about the simplest, no-nonsense distribution amplifers on the market.  Made  exclusively for BSW I believe.  A simple +/- 15V supply with two-three tab regulators and 34- NE5534’s.  Yes, 34 of them.  This one needed a -15V regulator. […]


Marti Electronics At one time you couldn’t step foot in a radio station without finding something “Marti”.  In this instance it’s a STL-10  95oMhz Studio-Transmitter link transmitter.  These units are getting up there in age,  with the beige colored units […]